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We are passing on knowledge, of which we know it helps to keep the most precious thing in the world

We are a stimulus for those who want to learn how to efficiently prevent the development of some civilisation diseases, and how to preserve their health. Our work is based on the fascinating natural laws about homocysteine and its effects on human health. Our consulting services are founded on the scientific research findings and some of the recommendations of Dr Karel Erben. We have developed our own procedures which put great emphasis on each client's individual needs, and we lend an ear to your story. We are here for you in almost every region in the Czech Republic.          


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Three vitamins, folic acid (vitamin B9), pyridoxine (vitamin B6) and cobalamin (vitamin B12), which are taken in proper ratio, play an important role in the preservation of our health. We are presenting 6 reasons why we should take these three vitamins.

I am seeking an advice which form of vitamins is the most suitable, and how to take vitamins properly


1. You can get rid of the exhaustion and weariness

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As a consequence of the bad regimen and unhealthy life style, we are often exhausted, we are lounging around in bed during the day, resulting in a lack of energy to undertake useful activities. In our advisory centres, clients are often complaining of exhaustion that complicatestheir lives. Having taken vitamins B6, B9 and B12, and thus lowered their homocysteine level, their exhaustion and weariness-related problems usually disappeared.  

3. Higher resistance against depression

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Researchers at the Psychiatric Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine assume the depressive disorder might be associated with elevated homocysteine level. However, there are other factors such as genetics and environment. Depression can be treated by the traditional methods including pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. Nevertheless, we can prevent the development of depressive disorder by systematically taking vitamins B6, B9 and B12.      

5. Lower risk of spontaneous abortion

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Every woman who wants to get pregnant and wants to have an incident-free pregnancy should be concerned with her healthy life style. The key thing is outdoor physical activity, the right regimen and regular doctors' visits. If a pregnant woman wants to lower the risk of spontaneous abortion she can adjust the lower ester levers and elevated homocysteine level by taking relatively small amounts of folic acid.   


2. Prevention against heart attack and stroke

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According to the homocysteine theory, there is a significant high-risk factor in the development of heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis or thromboses: smoking.  Smoking significantly contributes to elevated homocysteine level. Simultaneously, a higher consumption of animal protein can cause elevated homocysteine level. Taking vitamins B9 and B6 is required which means the consumption of fresh leaf vegetables, bananas, avocado, liver or wholemeal bread.          

4. Lower risk of developing malignant tumours

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The homocysteine theory says that if you have a lower homocysteine level you face the lower risk of developing cancer. Eating habits play a key role in the development of malignant tumours. In this respect, a high consumption of the high-fat diet is harmful. That is why the lowering of your homocysteine level is required which means the consumption of folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12.     

6. Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease

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In the course of aging, vitamin B12 and folic acid levels are decreasing. According to research findings, its deficiency causes elevated homocysteine level. Given the multiple pathological effects of elevated homocysteine, it appears that the administration of vitamins B6, B9 and B12 is the option for prevention and deceleration of neurodegenerative changes in the course of aging.   


Our philosophy, the story of our logo

From historical point of view, the symbol of the hand means power. When speaking of the Vitamins with a story initiative, the power over our health is concerned. Our goal is to encourage every interested person to take his or her own health into his or her hand. He or she should bear responsibility for his or her own health. We can also merge the symbol of the hand with the giving a helping hand, thus the helping hand of our consultants with individual approach to every client. The hand holds and takes care of a beet, a vegetable that is to the highest degree royal. The beet symbolizes the need to supply an adequate amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals required for human body. These substances are essential, and we cannot live without them. This root vegetable was used by the physicians in the Babylonian Empire and the Ancient Rome many years ago. The red colour of the crop is a symbol of the blood, vitality, life force and energy. The root is a symbol of life support.