I am the predictability factor and I can suggest if you live a long life in good health. Since our  food is lacking vitamins, my level in the human body is elevated. What could it mean? A civilisation disease may occur. However, keeping my ideal level and your good health is pretty srdceeasy. If your body absorb required amounts of vitamins that are important for my proper metabolization you will keep your biochemical health.

These people recommend to keep my ideal level: Dr. Karel Erben. Professor Anna Strunecká, British nutrition expert Patrick Holford, and German natural healer Uwe Karstädt.

I am concentrating in human cells as a product of the particular biochemical reaction. In case of vitamin insufficient absorption, the human cells do not know what to do. That’s why they excrete my surplus into the blood where I am concentrating, and I cause various damages by my toxicity. Health service calls theses damages the civilisation diseases.

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